Empirical Environmental is here for all of your asbestos management needs. In addition to sampling surveys, we provide oversight services, project design and prepare bid specifications for your specific project requirements.


An Asbestos Survey or inspection is required prior to renovation activities or building demolition regardless of the age of building construction. The professionals at Empirical Environmental have extensive experience dealing with asbestos inspections. Our clients include the United States Army, the United States Air Force, county and municipal governments, detention facilities, schools, and private entities.

Empirical's certified Management Planners have prepared Management and O&M plans for schools and private entities.  These plans include how to manage the asbestos in place while protecting human health and the environment.

When performing an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) for a client, we also commonly include an Asbestos Survey at the client's request in order to identify the presence of possible environmental hazards within potential property acquisitions.

Because regulatory information can be confusing and overwhelming, Empirical provides education and guidance on asbestos regulations for clients needing clarification and direction. We also offer OSHA asbestos training for organizations whose employees may come into contact with asbestos on the job.