"Empirical assigns seasoned professionals to accomplish these very important assessments."

Environmental Site (Phase I and II) Assessments & Environmental Investigations

Empirical’s Environmental Investigation Services includes Environmental Assessments also known as Phase I's, (EAs), Environmental Impact Studies (EISs), Environmental Baseline Studies (EBSs), and Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs). These studies and assessments are provided for the protection of the client as well as the protection of public lands. EAs, EISs and EBSs, are performed primarily for government clients or actions utilizing government dollars. Clients receive a complete package detailing the work to be performed, alternatives for the  project, public notices, public meetings and a final report. Our projects have been completed on time and within budget, giving our clients peace of mind and satisfaction.

Due diligence for private property acquisitions begins with an ESA or Phase I. ESAs are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) “All Appropriate Inquiry” (AAI) rule. This rule establishes the criteria a professional must have to perform an ESA and what an ESA must address in order for the buyer to claim the “Innocent Landowner Defense” to CERCLA liability in the event that contamination is later discovered at the property. Empirical Environmental’s staff of professionals understands the liability a purchaser incurs when buying property and/or buildings. Having bought property ourselves, we further understand the need for a quick and thorough investigation. Empirical is a proponent of using the ESA as a risk assessment tool for a variety of environmental risks. Because of this, Empirical offers several services with the ESA that are not required by the AAI such as asbestos surveys, lead surveys, and radon surveys.

Many environmental firms assign their most junior staff members to perform ESAs, not Empirical, we believe clients deserve the best when they are investing so much into a transaction. Empirical assigns seasoned professionals to accomplish these very important assessments. If further investigation is warranted after the ESA, Empirical has the staff and ability to perform a Phase II or subsurface investigation. We will endeavor to identify potential contamination on your future property in order to minimize risk and protect you and your investment.