Empirical's professionals are certified in IAQ through the Indoor Air Quality Association, Inc. (IAQA).

INDOOR AIR Monitoring & Mold Inspections

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is emerging as one of the largest concerns facing building or facility managers/owners. Poor IAQ can result in health concerns, lost productivity, low morale, decreased property values and liability issues. People are now acutely aware of the air they breathe since illnesses in schools and public buildings make for great headlines. Health issues are often related to buildings or work places. The term “Sick Building Syndrome” (SBS) is a term we hear often at Empirical Environmental. SBS can be caused by several problems including, but not limited to, elevated CO or CO2 levels, high or low temperatures or humidity, bacterial growth, chemicals, and poor HVAC maintenance. Investigating these complaints requires the expertise of one or more qualified consultants. Empirical has the people and the knowledge to assist you before complaints or at the time of the complaint.

Recently, Indoor air has focused on MOLD and the negative reactions this word now invokes. Mold is a known allergen and, if not controlled, can become a serious health concern. Large monetary settlements have been awarded in courts to individuals claiming they have been harmed by mold. Empirical Environmental has been investigating mold complaints for clients ranging from apartment owners, new home buyers, builders, and building owners for several years. Our expertise allows us to diagnose the reason for the mold growth and thereby provide corrective measures to remove and prevent recurrence of the problem.

Construction activities can cause IAQ alarm for building occupants and owners. Asbestos, dust, and allergen contamination are just a few of the concerns during construction or renovations. Empirical has successfully monitored areas adjacent to these work areas or connected by duct work, including hospital operating rooms, to ensure construction activities did not impact these areas. This has proven extremely helpful for construction companies wanting data that proves they worked clean or the dust generated did not escape containment.

Empirical's professionals are certified in IAQ through the Indoor Air Quality Association, Inc. (IAQA), a prestigious, independent certification body for the industry. These professionals can assist you with your IAQ questions and
concerns. They can assist you with responding to complaints, developing an IAQ program, performing regular IAQ “check-ups”, and providing informational meetings for you and your employees. They can also document parameters to prevent IAQ problems.