We specialize in developing environmental solutions that meet regulatory requirements while mitigating cost, risk and managing compliance programs.

Environmental Management & Regulatory Reviews


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Environmental & Compliance Sampling & Monitoring


Groundwater and soil sampling for pre-work, post-work or monitoring on-going projects are specialties our environmental scientists excel in.  OSHA area and personnel monitoring for compliance and safety purposes are essential in today's market.



Because regulatory information can be confusing and overwhelming, Empirical provides expert asbestos services from sampling to regulatory guidance on asbestos regulations. We also offer OSHA asbestos training for organizations whose employees may come into contact with asbestos on the job.

LEAD-BASED Paint Services


Empirical specializes in all aspects of lead detection, education, and protection. Empirical uses a Niton XRF for testing  LBP, and offers HUD/EPA RRP training, OSHA LBP training, OSHA oversight and monitoring.

Environmental Site Assessments (including Phase 1s) & Environmental Investigations



Empirical’s Environmental Investigation Services includes Environmental Assessments (EAs), Environmental Impact Studies (EISs), Environmental Baseline Studies (EBSs), and Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs).

INDOOR AIR Monitoring & Mold Inspections


Indoor air quality (IAQ) is emerging as one of the largest concerns facing building or facility managers/owners. Poor IAQ can result in health concerns, lost productivity, low morale, decreased property values and liability issues.

DOT Projects

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Natural Resources

Empirical Environmental’s staff of professionals include soil specialists, biologists, geologists, and wetland scientists experienced in Section 404(b)(1) sequencing, mitigation planning, wetland monitoring, and complex delineations.

Hazardous Material Inventories & Management Planning

Empirical's professional staff includes Certified Hazardous Material Managers (CHMM) and Registered Environmental Managers (REM)  to  provide clients with  services such as, but not limited to substitution evaluations, audits, risk assessments, and process evaluations.